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New Client and Evaluation & Orientation FAQ's

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How much does an evaluation & orientation cost?
Orientation costs $31 per dog. There is a 7% discount for multi-dog families. There is no charge if we find that we are not a good fit for your dog.
Do I need to make an appointment to tour Woof Dah!?
No. You can stop by to see our facility and speak with a staff member anytime during our normal business hours. For insurance reasons, no visitors will be allowed inside the playgroup with the dogs. Tip: The best times to stop by to get the most one on one time with a staff member during your tour is between 11am and 2pm or between 6pm and 7pm.
What vaccinations does my dog need to have for an evaluation & orientation day?
Your dog will need to be current on his Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella vaccinations at least 1 week before orientation day. The influenza vaccination will be required starting on 1/1/2021 for your dog's safety. Also, if your dog is undergoing any series of vaccinations, the series should be complete for at least one week before orientation day.
What is the Bordetella vaccination?
Similar to the human flu shot, it helps protect your dog from getting a respiratory infection. If your dog has never been to a daycare or boarding facility before, he probably hasn't had the Bordetella vaccination. It's important to note that the Bordetella vaccination protects against most but not all strains of respiratory viruses/kennel cough.
What types of proof of vaccinations do you accept?
We can only accept documentation of vaccinations from vet clinics, adoption/rescue groups and shelters. We will need a bill or other documentation from your vet showing the vaccination name and due date for next booster for each required vaccine.
What if I'm not sure I have the right vaccination paperwork for evaluation & orientation day?
We strongly recommend that you fax, email, text or upload your dog's vaccination records to your customer portal at least 24 hours ahead of time. Then, our staff will review them for you and contact you if there's a problem before you arrive.
What if my dog's vaccination records are from a shelter or rescue group?
Oftentimes, these records show proof of vaccinations, but don't tell us how long the vaccinations are good for. We recommend taking your adoption paperwork to your veterinarian's office to determine when your dog's vaccinations will expire. Then, we will record this important information in your dog's file.
Can I sign up for an evaluation & orientation day on a weekend?
Yes! We offer orientations on Sundays.
What will I need to bring to evaluation & orientation day?
See our "Orientation Day Checklist" page to help you get organized for your dog's big day.
What will the staff be evaluating my dog for on evaluation & orientation day?
Ideally, we'll want your dog to be timid but curious when he first enters the play group while the other dogs are "checking him out." Your dog will have to give everyone in the pack a chance to greet (smell) him. Once the pack has gotten their chance, it's your dog's chance to go sniffing! Behaviors such as holding the tail down, laying down or holding the head low will be common when meeting the new pack. Then, we'll watch you're dog closely throughout the day to be sure that he doesn't display any aggressive or anxious behaviors or body language. We'll also be watching to be sure that our interactive environment is a good fit for him.
What behaviors would make a dog not pass his orientation day?
Excessive rough play, excessive barking, excessive humping, biting or nipping at other dogs or staff and any behavior that endangers the safety of your dog, other dogs or staff.
Can my dog get a bath or a nail trim on evaluation & orientation day?
Yes! However, we don't recommend it for any dogs that are nervous about baths, nail trims or might be nervous about their first day at Woof Dah! We want every dog's first visit to be a positive one!
Do I need to bring food for my dog on evaluation & orientation day?
If you'd like, we'd be more than happy to give your dog a meal or some treats during the day. Please pack your food in a plastic baggie or small plastic container with their first and last name on it.
Do I have to stay for evaluation & orientation day?
No. Your Covid-19 contactless drop off will take about 5 to 10 minutes. Your dog will need to stay at least 8 hours and you can check them out on our webcams at anytime during the day!
Can I make reservations for boarding on a major holiday?
Yes! However, we strongly strongly recommend that your dog come at least once more before your holiday boarding stay. Holidays are busy for us and even more busy for you. We definitely want to work out any issues beforehand so we don't have to call you when you're with your friends and family!
I want to board my dog. How far in advance does he need to do orientation?
Orientation can be done at any time provided that we have space available. However, it's best to do orientation as early as possible as we cannot guarantee that we will accept your dog for boarding until he has successfully completed an orientation day. Also, that extra time gives you the option of scheduling a couple days of daycare for additional play to settle in the group before your trip.
Why doesn't Woof Dah! accept certain breeds of dog?
Woof Dah! does not certain breeds for insurance reasons. No exceptions. Additionally, we do not accept Great Danes due to the their exceptionally high risk of "bloat," a serious, and sometimes fatal condition and Greyhounds/Italian Greyhounds due to fragile skin and bones.
How will my dog be introduced to the other dogs?
We will monitor your dog's body language when he sees the other dogs through the gates of one of our feeding areas. If we don't see any signs of aggression or other abnormal behavior, our staff will help him right into the pack. Non-aggressive dogs will react to all that sniffing by being friendly or submissive. If your dog is uncertain about all the new dogs, we'll give him some extra time to meet and greet the other dogs through our feeding stall gates.
What can I expect my dog to experience when he is introduced to the playgroup?
This is a fairly simple answer. The first thing that will happen is most every dog in the playgroup will greet (sniff) your dog. Then, when your dog is ready, it will be his chance to greet (sniff) them back.
How long will it take for my dog to start feeling comfortable with the other dogs at Woof Dah!?
It all depends on how outgoing your dog is. Some dogs make lots of friends on their first day. Others may take a few visits before they "warm up" to the other dogs and start making friends.
What are the chances that my dog will pass orientation day?
Usually, about 90% of the dogs we evaluate will pass our orientation day evaluation. If your dog is friendly towards other dogs & people and not agressive over food or toys, chances are he'll do just fine!
What happens if my dog doesn't pass orientation day?
If your dog doesn't pass our evaluation, we will separate him from the playgroup and call you. It's a good idea to schedule his orientation on a day where you could pick up your dog if things don't work out.
What if my dog has never been with other dogs before?
In that case, his Orientation Day will be a big learning experience for him. He'll learn valuable social skills such as being polite, respecting his elders and how to "talk" to the other dogs using body language. It takes most dogs awhile to fully develop their social skills. The result, however, is a happy dog with lots of four legged friends!
How old does my puppy have to be to attend Woof Dah! ?
16 weeks is our minimum age. Your puppy will need to finish his entire series of puppy vaccinations before he can attend. Rabies, which is typically the final vaccination of the series, is usually given around 16 weeks of age. As soon as your puppy has finished his vaccinations, is 16 weeks old and meets our other requirements to play, he is ready to come and have some fun!
What happens to my reservations if I cancel or don't show up for my orienatation day appointment?
If you cancel or do not show up for an orientation day appointment, we will cancel any daycare or boarding reservations you have made. You are welcome to reschedule these dates, providing that space is still available.
How early do I need to make Holiday reservations?
Reservations for New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas should be made several months in advance to guarantee a spot. Later reservations are accepted as long as we have space available. There is a $50 refundable deposit required to hold your holiday reservation. Please see our Holidays page for complete Holiday reservation policies.

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