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How to Pack Your Dog's Food for a Boarding Stay

Strongly recommended.  This allows our staff more time to spend with your dog and less time in the kitchen.  It also reduces the risk of miscommunication about feeding instructions for your dog.

Food & Treats:  Please send each meal in a baggie labeled with the date and time of day (Breakfast, Dinner or Bedtime) to be fed. For an easy way to label your baggies, click on "Easy food baggie labels" from the boarding tab.  Include canned food and treats in these baggies too if you can.   If your dog eats whenever he wants to at home, we recommend that you estimate the amount of food he would eat in a day and separate that amount into 2 meals so we can ensure he is eating an appropriate amount. (See below for an example)

Medications/Vitamins: Please put each dose of medicine or vitamins etc. in a separate baggie.  Please put these medication baggies inside the food baggies.  Don't package pills with "pill pockets" as the pills will get damp and begin to dissolve.  It's a good idea to bring a few extra doses of your dog's medication just in case you are late!

Staying one week or more?  Please put about 1/3 more food than your dog normally eats each meal baggie.  He'll need extra calories to keep up! 

Chewies & Rawhides:  We don't allow rawhides, greenies or other chew toys because they can sometimes cause health problems. But don't worry, Woof Dah! always has lots of nyla-bones to chew on in the playrooms and Slumber Bay!

Food Labels:  Please either put your label inside the baggie of food or tape it to the baggie or use a Sharpie to label your baggies.  Staples are dangerous and can fall into your dog's food.

Wet Food: We are able to refridgerate food including canned and raw. Please be sure there are no bones in your dog's meals or raw food. 

OPTION #2 -  Purchase food at Woof Dah!
Yummy homemade hamburger and rice casserole or chicken based dry dog food is always available for purchase.

If I get 2 cups of dry food, a packet of soft food, a few treats and one allergy pill for dinner, just put all those items in one bag and label the bag with "dinner" and the date. Be sure to put the medications in a separate baggie inside your larger baggie so that our staff can be sure that it gets administered on schedule.

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