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Health and Behavior FAQ's

Can my dog get sick from playing with the other dogs?
Just like child daycare, it is possible for a dog to pick up a cough, cold or other illness. Most of these illnesses are mild and do not require any veterinary care. You will receive a brochure on your dog's orientation day that describes our health policies. For more information on doggie health issues, be sure to visit our "Health" tab.
How will I be notified if there is an illness "going around" ?
If there seems to be an illness going around, we will notify you via our email and post a notification on this website under the "Health" tab.
My dog's eyes were watering after visting Woof Dah!, is there something wrong?
Absolutely not. During playtime, it is not uncommon for a tail or piece of hair to accidentally brush the eye or even a case of allergies to come up. In sensitive individuals, watering or a touch of "gunk" in the corner of the eye might result. This will usually clear up in 2-3 days or it can be treated with a simple opthamalic antibiotic ointment.
Why is my dog thirsty when he comes home?
Although we always have lots of fresh water available to the puppies, some just get too busy having fun to remember to drink enough water. If you are concerned, please send a meal or snack with your dog. That way, he'll have a few minutes of quiet time and a private bowl of water. Or, you can always ask our staff to give your dog a "water break" each visit when you drop him off.
Why do all the dogs run up to my dog when he comes into the pack?
When a dog enters the pack with a lot of energy (submissive energy, dominant energy, fearful energy or wild energy) they will attract a lot of attention from the "pack." This is very common with dogs that have never been part of a pack before. As your dog gains social skills and experience by visiting us, he will learn to enter the "pack" with a calm and submissive energy. This calm and submissive energy will not attract attention from the other dogs. If you are interested in learning more about "pack" behavior, The "Dog Whisperer" (Cesar Milan) has some good information about pack dynamics that can be found online. Also, our experienced staff members would be happy to help you learn more about pack dynamics.
Why does my dog seem nervous to go into the play group?
If your dog doesn't have a lot of social experience, doesn't come often, is submissive or doesn't like leaving his human family, he may be a bit nervous when you drop him off. The best thing you can do is stay calm, give your dog a big hug, and send him into the playgroup right away. In a matter of minutes, the anxiety will be replaced with rip roaring fun playtime. If your dog isn't a big fan of baths or nail trims, skip these services for awhile so your dog doesn't associate daycare with something unpleasant. Remember, even if your dog has been to another daycare, or is a frequent dog park visitor, he will still be "the new kid in school;" at least for a few minutes.
Is there an easy way to keep my dog's vaccinations up-to-date at Woof Dah!?
Simply have your vet fax or email us a copy of your dog's vaccination record each time he has his rabies, DHPP or bordetella vaccination boosters. We do not need records for any other vaccinations. Or, you may email a copy of his records to us or upload them in your customer portal.
What is "kennel cough?"
Kennel cough is a contagious respiratory infection that causes a deep cough. Like human colds, kennel cough commonly "goes around" in the fall and in the springtime. Your dog's bordetella vaccination will protect him against most, but not all strains of the infection. If you have any questions about kennel cough, please see a staff member or your veterinarian.
What is swimmer's tail?
"Swimmer's tail" is a condition where a dog's tail goes "limp" from over-use or strain. This condition is temporary and will correct itself in a few days.
What is "bloat?"
Bloat is a serious and sometimes fatal medical condition where the stomach fills with gas. To help prevent bloat, we recommend that you send your dog with 2-3 smaller meals per day instead of one large meal. This is especially important for large breeds and dogs who eat rapidly.
Under which circumstances does my dog need to wait one week after getting vaccinations?
The one week waiting period is for any of our required vaccinations that are "new" to your dog. This applies to puppies who are finishing up their puppy vaccinations and dogs that are getting the bordetella vaccination or bordetella series for the very first time. Also, if you have a dog whose vaccinations have lapsed for a period of time, the vaccinations will be considered "new" and you'll need to get them updated for one week before your dog can visit us. We understand that vaccinations can sometimes be confusing, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you're unsure of your dog's vaccinations.
What are some of the reasons a dog might get "expelled" from daycare?
We will "expel" a dog who exhibits behaviors that we feel are dangerous or disruptive. Some examples are biting or trying to bite dogs or staff, being aggressive over resources such as toys or food, playing too roughly, being disrespectful of other dogs, constant barking or destructive behaviors that pose a safety risk to dogs or staff.
What happens if my dog gets "expelled"?
If we determine that your dog's behavior is dangerous or disruptive, we will separate your dog from the group and notify you. If you are out of town, we will gladly provide the best care possible for your dog in an individual environment until you return.
What happens if my dog needs to go to the vet while he's at Woof Dah!?
If we believe your dog needs to see a veterinarian, we will contact you determine what you would like us to do. We will be happy to take your dog to see a veterinarian if you feel it is necessary. If we are unable to reach you in a timely manner, we will act on your behalf and arrange for veterinary treatment if we believe it is necessary.
What flea and tick preventative is required?
A flea and tick preventative such as Frontline should be applied YEAR ROUND. Flea/tick collars won't be allowed during playtime as they are easily chewed off.

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