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No Cage Dog Boarding FAQ's

Is there really someone who spends the night with the dogs at Woof Dah!?
Absolutely. We always have a loving staff member stay right with your dog, all night long!
What should I bring for a boarding stay?
Please see our "Boarding Checklist" page for complete details about what you will need to bring for a boarding stay.
What should I NOT bring for a boarding stay?
Please do not bring blankets, toys or other soft goods. Also, please don't bring rawhides, greenies or other similar items. If your dog can't easily chew/eat an item, our staff will be unable to feed it due to the possibility of serious health issues.
Where will my dog sleep?
At Woof Dah!, your dog will never be put in a cage of any sort. (Unless there's an unexpected health or behavior issue that requires isolation or upon your request) Instead, your dog will spend the night with his new friends in our posh Slumber Bay room. The Slumber Bay room features lots of orthopedic doggie beds and a big flat screen TV to watch doggie movies on. It's a lot like a real slumber party!
Will my dog miss me while I'm gone?
That's the best thing about boarding your dog at Woof Dah! He'll be so busy playing all day and so pooped by bedtime that he won't have time to remember that you're away!
Are there any discounts for long stays?
Yes. There is a discount for stays of 7 or more nights.
If I pick up my dog in the morning, is there a charge for that day?
You can pick up your dog by 10am for no additional charge. There is a late pick up fee of $27 per dog for pick ups between 10am and 3pm and a late pick up fee of $35 for pick ups between 3pm and 7pm. Sorry, daycare packages can NOT be used for boarding or for late pick up fees.
How early do I need to make reservations for holidays?
Holiday reservations should be made well in advance as we do book full very early. For major holidays such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Spring Break week in our area, you should plan on making your reservation several months in advance.
Are there other times of the year that book full early?
Yes. There are a couple of times of the year, besides holidays, that we book full very early for. Some of these dates include: Spring break for our local school district (usually the last two weeks in March), Fridays-Sundays late June until Labor Day and MEA weekend (in mid October).
When is the outdoor play area (Plaza) open?
Our outdoor play area, called "the Plaza" is open when weather is 45 degrees or warmer. The Plaza may also close for rain and heat advisories. Our Plaza is closed in the winter because proper sanitation is impossible when everything is frozen. Just think of what would happen to your yard in the winter if a lot of dogs were to play and use it as a potty area!
What happens if I forget to bring food or if my dog runs out of food during his stay?
We keep a chicken based dry dog food in stock or homemade hamburger and rice casserole in the event that you forget your dog's food or if he runs out of food during his stay. The chicken based dry dog food is $1.50 per cup. The charge for the hamburger and rice casserole is $3 per cup.
Will there be other dogs staying with my dog?
Yes! We average 20-30 guests per night during the week. We have more on the weekends and holidays.
What time should I drop off my dog for his first overnight stay at Woof Dah?
The earlier the better! Your dog will sleep much better in a new environment if he has had a whole day of playtime to get to know everyone and tire himself out. The rate is the same no matter what time of day you drop off.
My dog is older than 11 years old. Can he still board at Woof Dah!
Dogs who completed an Orientation Day when they were 11 years or younger may continue to stay with us as long as their health and attitude allow them to safely and comfortably be in a group of other dogs.
Can my dog get expelled from boarding?
Yes. If your dog is behaving in a way that is dangerous or disruptive to other dogs or staff, we will notify you. We will discuss all the options to keep the behavior under control with you. If the behavior cannot be kept under control, we may ask that your dog not come back. We may keep your dog in a feeding kennel until you return.
What behaviors are not allowed during boarding?
Some examples of behaviors not allowed during boarding are: Excessive barking or whining, excessive humping or rough play, aggression, nipping at other dogs or staff and excessive anxiety.

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