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Requirements and Facility Rules for Existing Clients

1.) Reservations: Reservations are required.  Same day reservations are welcome.

2.) Pick Up:  Daycare dogs must be picked up by 8pm sharp or will stay with us overnight for a slumber party.

3.) Vaccinations:  Proof of current rabies, DHPP (distemper combination) and bordetella (or CIRD) vaccinations are required to be on file.  Dogs without proof of vaccinations will be turned away.  You can view the status of your dog's vaccinations in our system at anytime in your online customer portal.  We accept titer tests in place of DHPP or rabies vaccinations.  Titer test documents must show that your dog has sufficient immunity and needs to have a retest date.  Other vaccinations, such as Canine Influenza and Leptospirosis are strongly recommended, but not required.  Please talk to your veterinarian about the best vaccination strategy for your dog. 

4.) Attire: A pinch to release buckle collar with your dog's first and last name is required for safety and ID purposes.  If you don't have one, a loaner collar will be provided.  Embroidered collars in an awesome color combination of your choice are available for purchase.  You will receive a coupon for a free embroidered collar on your Orientation Day.

5.) Spay/Neuter: Dogs 8 months of age or older must be spayed or neutered.

6.) Health: Dogs must not have a history of any of the following medical conditions: total blindness, severe seizures, diabetes, cardiomyopathy, Addison's disease, bloat/gastric torsion, exercise induced collapse or any other major or life threatening health problem or problem that would make it unsafe for your dog to play in our playgroup.  Unfortunately, we cannot give injections.

7.) Prohibited Items: Bandages, cones, wheelchairs, stitches, booties/socks, bandanas, bows, flea/tick collars and similar items are not allowed.  They will be eaten by the other dogs.

8.) Flea/Tick Prevention: A topical or chewable flea and tick preventative such as Frontline, Bravecto, or NexGard is required. A flea/tick collar will be eaten by the other dogs.

9.) Contagious Illness: Dogs found to have puppy warts, kennel cough, worms, fleas, parasites, frequent or liquid diarrhea, vomiting or any other potentially contagious condition, illness or an injury will be isolated in a kennel in our Caribbean Cafe. We will then contact the owner(s) to determine the best course of action.  If an owner cannot be reached, the dog may be taken for treatment by a veterinarian at the owner's expense if necessary.

10.) Behavior: Dogs who are behaving in a cranky or out of control manner will be kennelled in our Caribbean Cafe for a time out.  Dogs who are endangering the safety of themselves or others or who are being disruptive will be kennelled in our Caribbean Cafe.  The dog's owner will be contacted to determine the best course of action for the remainder of the stay.  Dogs who are endangering the safety of themselves or others or being disruptive overnight will be kennelled in our Carribean Cafe until the morning.  Dogs exhibiting these behaviors may be asked to not come back: Aggressive or dangerous behavior towards other dogs or staff, excessively rough play, excessive barking or whining, excessive humping or any other disruptive behaviors. Staff will inform you if these behaviors are seen and will discuss options with you.

13.)  Liability: The owner is responsible for injury or illness, including contagious illness.

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